How does COVID-19 Transmit?

As coronavirus cases increase across the country and we approach the July 4 weekend, what do we know now about how the COVID-19 virus spreads? How can we decide which activities are safer or more risky? Join us Thursday, July 2, to hear from two UC Davis experts on how infectious diseases and viruses can spread through the air. 

The guests:

  • Dr. Dean Blumberg is a professor of pediatrics and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Health. His interests include preventing and treating childhood infections, vaccine research and childhood immunization policies.
  • William Ristenpart is a professor of chemical engineering in the UC Davis College of Engineering who studies how droplets move and behave in liquids and gases. His lab at UC Davis has studied how people emit small droplets or aerosols that could carry viruses while breathing or talking. He is also director of the UC Davis Coffee Center.