New Family-Friendly Benefits Begin July 1

Quick Summary

  • Pay for Family Care and Bonding program is an alternative to using paid time off
  • The program provides 70 percent of income during Family and Medical Leave
  • Adoption Assistance Plan offers up to $5,000 to reimburse your expenses

UC continues to deliver on its commitment to family-friendly policies, programs and benefits, including the following that launch July 1:

  • Pay for Family Care and Bonding, or PFCB Reviewed by faculty, staff and key stakeholders, and approved by President Michael V. Drake, this program gives eligible employees the option to take 70 percent of their pay for up to eight weeks during Family and Medical Leave, instead of using accrued paid leave.
  • Adoption Assistance Plan Reimbursing eligible faculty and staff for some of their expenses related to adoption.  

“We’re proud and excited to bring Pay for Family Care and Bonding and adoption assistance to UC’s faculty and staff,” said Cheryl Lloyd, interim vice president of Systemwide Human Resources. “Employees need and deserve support to take care of their family members.

“Like other top employers around the country, we know that family-friendly policies make it possible for our faculty and staff to bring the best of themselves to work.”

Pay for Family Care and Bonding

UC’s Family and Medical Leave, or FML, provides job protection when employees need time off for reasons consistent with federal and state law. During FML, employees can continue receiving their full pay by using paid leave (such as sick leave, vacation or paid time off). With PFCB, they save their paid leave, and the university provides 70 percent of their lost income.

PFCB can be used only in conjunction with Family and Medical Leave. To qualify, FML must be taken in blocks of one workweek or more, for any of the following purposes:

  • Caring for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Bonding with a new child
  • Military Caregiver Leave
  • Qualifying Exigency Leave

PFCB is not an option when FML is taken for an employee’s own serious health condition or pregnancy disability.

During PFCB, UC will continue to cover its share of premium costs for health and welfare benefits. Employees cannot use any paid leave accruals while they are being paid through PFCB.

Christine Lovely headshot
Christine Lovely

“UC Davis goes to great lengths to support employees and their families,” said Christine Lovely, chief human resources officer. “During the pandemic, we provided each employee with weeks of leave to care for themselves and their families, and our new Pay for Family Care and Bonding program, reflects our ongoing commitment to helping our employees’ families.” 

Adoption Assistance Plan

This plan reimburses those who are eligible (faculty and staff with full, mid-level or core benefits) for up to $5,000 of expenses related to adoption. There is no need to enroll and all expenses for the plan are paid by the university.

Here’s how it works: As you go through the adoption process, keep receipts for eligible expenses — such as attorney fees and court costs, travel expenses, counseling fees and home suitability study fees. After the adoption is final, you can work with WEX, the plan administrator, to verify the adoption and submit claims for reimbursement.

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