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New bus terminal proposed for campus core

By Dave Jones on October 27, 2006 in University

New sidewalk, more room for bicyclists on Hutchison Drive, no more standing in the mud while waiting for a bus — these are some of the benefits that the university will derive from a proposed UNITRANS bus terminal next to Haring Hall.

Planners recently declared that the project's environmental impacts would not be significant, or could be mitigated. The environmental report is now available for public review.

The university proposes to put the bus terminal partially on land now occupied by parking Lot 29, which comprises 49 spaces, across from the Silo near the center of the main campus.

Adequate replacement spaces are expected to be available in the new west entry garage and Lot 43, according to the environmental report. Lot 43 is on the opposite side of Hutchison.

At the new terminal, a large island would divide eastbound and westbound bus traffic. Eastbound buses would pull off Hutchison for passenger loading and unloading, on the side of the island closest to Haring Hall, while westbound buses would line up on the island's south side, along Hutchison.

The project calls for a covered shelter, or several smaller shelters, where people could wait for buses. Also, a sidewalk would be put in as part of the island, along the north side of Hutchison; today, pedestrians looking to walk on sidewalk must cross to the south side of Hutchison.

Without a sidewalk on Hutchison's north side, "riders in some locations … must stand in either dirt or mud while waiting to board a bus," the environmental report states.

Also, under the existing setup, layover buses — which are buses waiting to begin their routes — take up space along Hutchison that could otherwise be used by bicyclists, the document states.

"Consolidation of these buses at the proposed bus terminal would make Hutchison Drive a more bike friendly thoroughfare," the report states.

The environmental report is available for review on campus at the Office of Resource Management and Planning, 376 Mrak Hall, and in the reserves at Shields Library; and off campus at the Yolo County Library, 315 E. 14th St., Davis, and the Vacaville Library, 1020 Ulatis Drive. The report also is available online, (click on "Current Projects" and then look under "U" for UNITRANS Hutchison Bus Terminal).

Comments are due by 5 p.m. Nov. 6. They should be directed to John Meyer, vice chancellor of Resource Management and Planning, UC Davis, One Shields Ave., 376 Mrak Hall, Davis 95616, or e-mailed to

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