UPDATED: Helping Students ‘Moove,’ Answering Questions

Chancellor May, LeShelle May Tell Their Own Dorm Stories on ‘Thursday Thoughts’

Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May push a cart while helping students move in to campus housing.
Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May helped incoming freshman Dalton Flynn — and many others — move in to the Tercero residence alls on Tuesday (Sept. 13). (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

Updated 3:30 p.m. Sept. 15: Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May rolled up their (short) sleeves this week, helping some of the 6,500 new and returning students who are moving into the residence halls this fall. They spent Tuesday at Tercero, pushing full carts and introducing themselves to unsuspecting families.

Chancellor Gary S. May takes a blue bag from a student during Moove-In.
Chancellor Gary S. May and other campus leaders helped students during Moove-In. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

They took a break from helping new and returning residents to record this week’s episode of Thursday Thoughts, answering questions in their Moove-In gear:

Today is the last day of Moove-In on campus. In all, 8,800 students were expected to move into residence halls and apartments.

Original article, posted Sept. 9, by Cody Kitaura, with photos by Gregory Urquiaga:

Moove-In Begins at The Green

About 2,300 students have joined the roughly 1,000 already living in apartments at The Green at West Village, with thousands more new on-campus residents on their way next week. Moove-In, UC Davis’ take on move-in weekend, was held for The Green Sept. 1 and 2.

The day started with families unloading cars.

People unload a car at The Green
A family pushes a cart toward the Green.

As in past years, campus leaders help students move into their new residence halls or apartments. At The Green, Chancellor Gary S. May and Mike Sheehan, associate vice chancellor for Housing, Dining and Divisional Operations, were on hand to unload boxes, push carts, give directions and otherwise help students settle in.

Chancellor Gary S. May and Mike Sheehan stand in front of empty moving carts.

There was plenty for them to do as they helped families lift, stack, push and carry.

Chancellor Gary S. May helps unload a truck.

The Green is home to the Transfer Student Housing Program, but is also open to any other undergraduate. It has layouts ranging from studios to four-bedroom apartments, and this week was recognized as one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Projects of the Year.

Chancellor Gary S. May's reflection is visible in a mirror as a student moves into The Green.
Chancellor Gary S. May pushes a moving cart for a family at The Green.


The next round of students moving in to campus housing will begin Tuesday (Sept. 13). This fall, about 6,500 new and returning students will move into residence halls.

Gary S. May and Mike Sheehan walk away.


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