Message to Solano Park Residents on 2021 Fatal Fire


The following message was sent to Solano Park residents today (Oct. 11):

Dear Solano Park Residents,

We write to you with an update on the apartment fire at Solano Park in May 2021 that took the life of the wife of one of our former graduate students. We are deeply saddened that this tragic accident occurred among our Aggie community, and we know that this incident impacted many of the residents living in Solano Park.

Over the past year, the investigation was conducted by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and they have recently released the official report. Please note that some content in the report has been redacted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office to protect the privacy of people involved.

As stated in the report, the fire was accidental, and was not caused by any malfunction within the building. Fire protection systems in place were in working order and properly maintained. The Fire Marshal investigation determined that the fire originated in a trash can in the apartment’s kitchen, possibly due to a hot item that was discarded. While the investigation took time to complete, immediately following the fire, the building impacted was evacuated, thoroughly inspected and received State Fire Marshal approval for occupancy.

There will be an opportunity for discussion at our next community meeting being held on Wednesday, October 19, at 5 p.m. at the Solano Park Community Building.  


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