VIDEO ADDED: ‘UC Davis LIVE’ on Fighting California Wildfires


Oct. 21, 11 a.m. — California’s fire season has become year-round with bigger and more intense fires. How are firefighters responding, and what’s new in wildland firefighting? What kinds of strain is this putting on fire services? 

Join us to discuss these and other questions with Nathan Trauernicht, fire chief for UC Davis. UC Davis firefighters have fought wildfires both close to campus and through mutual aid across California, including the recent Dixie, Tamarack and Caldor fires.

The UC Davis Fire Department was established in 1917 and has gained a national reputation for innovative programs and services including its student firefighter and EMT employment programs, emergency medical education courses, and community outreach initiatives. The department’s growing list of accolades also includes recognition as the first-ranked hands-on EMT certification program in the country. 

Trauernicht has been in the fire service since 1993. Among many professional activities he is a member of the Wildland Fire Policy Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and current president of the Institution of Fire Engineers USA Branch.

The conversation, hosted by Soterios Johnson, will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube beginning at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 21.  

Questions can be submitted via Facebook and Twitter either in advance or during the show.

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