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Job opportunities for UC Davis grads

By Dave Jones on March 25, 2014 in University News


Jeff Galinovsky received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toledo in 1994 and joined Intel the same year (he had already worked at Intel as part of his undergraduate curriculum). In 2001, with his newly earned MBA (marketing and finance concentration) from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, he moved from engineering into a business role. Today, he is the director of education business development, North America.

Brian Scott received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from UC Davis in 1985. He is a senior mechanical engineer at Intel.

Theresa Holliday, a logic design engineer in the area of intellectural property, has been at Intel since 2005, her first job after earning her Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering at UC Davis. She did her undergraduate work at Cornell, earning a B.S. in engineering physics in 1999.

Hundreds of UC Davis graduates are working for Intel Corp.

Undergraduates are sorting through thousands of job opportunities that come through the Internship and Career Center.

Some undergrads are Central Valley Scholars, participating in internships leading to jobs.

These are but three of the myriad ways UC Davis students are preparing for and entering the work force.

“More than 150 employers participated in the first of five annual career fairs, and more were on the waiting list,” Professor Subhash Risbud, director of the Internship and Career Center, wrote in a letter to the editor of The Sacramento Bee.

He cited a 20 percent increase in career and other positions in the center’s Aggie Job Link database over the last year, from about 2,500 to 3,000.

“Last year, some 100 employers conducted more than 1,000 interviews on campus,” he wrote.

UC Davis Day @ Intel

With more than 500 alumni working for Intel, the computer parts designer and manufacturer is one of the university’s top pipelines for employment. About 300 of those alumni work at Intel’s Folsom location, where the Cal Aggie Alumni Association hosted UC Davis Day @ Intel last December.

“Join us to celebrate your Aggie roots as we bring the campus to you,” the CAAA declared in its invitation to a catered luncheon.

“Learn about new developments and programs at UC Davis, and find out more information about how you can get involved in volunteer opportunities” — such as joining and participating in alumni networks.

The program included Steve Currall, dean of the Graduate School of Management, and Rich Engel, executive director of the CAAA.

Leroy Tripette, manager of external affairs for Intel, spoke about the importance and history of the company’s partnership with UC Davis. He highlighted Intel’s involvement in university research and community programs such as last summer’s Girls Who Code summer camp.

Application engineer Louis Biggers, a 2008 graduate of the GSM's part-time MBA program, and Chinsin Sim, an undergraduate who has an internship in Intel’s corporate affairs unit, assisted in organizing UC Davis Day @ Intel.

Central Valley Scholars

Alison King is among the first class of students in the new Central Valley Scholars Program, which offers scholarship and internship assistance, as well as mentoring, for up to four years.

The program is helping to pay for King’s senior year and complete an internship at a dairy clinic in her hometown, Atwater (Merced County). Her future ambitions include obtaining an advanced degree in veterinary medicine and becoming a large animal veterinarian in Atwater.  

“The Central Valley has so much to offer the world and we still have so many areas for growth and opportunities for advancement,” she said. “Agriculture is one of the largest employers in the nation and people will always need food. We need to ensure a bright future for this vital industry which every person relies upon. This program has been invaluable.”

The program, run out of the Internship and Career Center, aims to help Central Valley businesses draw and retain an educated work force.

Read more about Central Valley Scholars, and see a slideshow of participating students.

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