IN BRIEF: Picnic Day Theme and 2-Factor Slack Log-In

Two people in masks watch chickens hatch
Chickens were hatching in this Picnic Day display in 2022. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)


  • “‘Ignite Our Moment’ represents the atmosphere on campus”
  • UC Davis Slack accounts now require 2-factor authentication

‘The bustling UC Davis we know and love’

Seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the Picnic Day board has embraced optimism by choosing “Ignite the Moment” as the theme of the 2023 campus celebration, scheduled for Saturday, April 15.

“‘Ignite Our Moment’ represents who we are as a community and the atmosphere on campus this year,” states a news release from the 12-member student board.

The board announced the theme at a recent reception. Still to come: the board’s announcement of the Picnic Day Parade marshal, someone who exemplifies the theme with their work and contributions to the Davis community.

Jesse Goodman, board chair, said: “UC Davis is back to the bustling campus we know and love — one with continuous learning, groundbreaking research and studies, and enduring memories and relationships.

“Our theme exemplifies Davis and what we stand for,” he continued. “Our theme honors the past challenging times while capturing the opportunity to seize change in our university, community and country.

“This theme is meant to bring us together and celebrate our unique passions that we have as students of UC Davis.”.

Picnic Day, one of the largest student-run events in the nation, showcases and celebrates the richness of campus life, highlights the diverse achievements of students, alumni, staff and faculty, and provides a day of education, information and entertainment.

The day’s events include fun for the whole family with a children’s fair, musical and dance performances, and sporting events.

Don’t ‘slack’ on log-in security

As of today (Nov. 29), users of the workplace messaging software Slack are required to use two-factor authentication to log into their UC Davis Slack. That means you’ll need both a password and a code sent to or generated by your mobile phone to log in.

The campus implemented the change “to conform with information security best practices,” Adam Getchell, director of information technology for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and a part of the group that oversees the university’s version of Slack, said in a post last month.

The change also requires you to log back in every two weeks.

To set up two-factor authentication, follow these instructions from Slack. You’ll need your Slack password, and if you’ve forgotten it, password reset instructions are available online. Users can use text messages or authentication apps like Google Authenticator, Duo and more. Duo considers Slack’s login code a “third-party account,” and instructions for adding one are available online.

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