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By Amy Agronis on November 19, 2004 in University

Before new faculty member Ian Faloona migrated eastward, he spent many days "romping around" on the UC Berkeley campus near his childhood home. He also spent his undergraduate years at UC Santa Cruz. "So I've always been a fan of the UC system," he says. After working as a waiter, a tutor and an environmental consultant, he obtained a doctorate in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. He then took a post-doc position in Colorado, working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research -- a virtual "candy shop" for those in the field, Faloona says. However, he says he is happy to be back in academia. Faloona studies gas emissions from the oceans and the physical properties of marine clouds as they relate to climate changes and he relishes the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Bodega Marine Lab. "UC is one of the best places to be," he says. "The students have been great and willing to work hard -- this is really fun." For look at UC Davis' about 120 other new hires, see

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