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Funding Your Future

By UC Davis Staff on April 16, 2014 in Education

While paying for college can feel overwhelming, the fact is a UC Davis education is financially attainable. There are many financial aid options available to students.

UC Davis is an investment that’s worth it.

Besides being ranked 9th among public research universities nationwide, UC Davis offers more than 500 student-run clubs; dozens of NCAA Division Iintramural and sport club teams; and one of the largest internship and career centers in the nation.

UC Davis Aggies not only receive a top-notch education inside the classroom, they also put their knowledge and passions to work outside the classroom.

Employers tell us that one of their favorite things about hiring a UC Davis student is the loyalty and commitment an Aggie brings to the job. As for going to graduate or professional school, 90 percent of our students are admitted by their first- or second-choice institution.

Whether your future will find you in the working world or attending graduate or professional school, UC Davis offers a foundation for your future that you can’t find anywhere else. 

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