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Focused environmental review for Vet Med 3B

By Dave Jones on April 6, 2007 in University

Based on an initial study of the proposed Veterinary Medicine 3B building, the campus's Office of Resource Management and Planning has elected to prepare a focused environmental impact report for the project.

The four-story building would comprise almost 125,000 gross square feet, of which about 76,100 would be assignable for research laboratories, offices and other work space.

The location is north of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and east of Gladys Valley Hall.

The construction timetable now in place shows work starting in the fall of 2008 and taking two years. The budget is about $90 million in campus, state and gift funds.

ORMP's draft tiered initial study concludes that the project qualifies for a negative declaration. However, with a focused environmental impact report, the university plans to "revisit potential impacts of the project that were found to be significant and unavoidable." These are identified in three categories: air quality, hydrology and cultural resources.

In regard to air quality, potential unavoidable impacts relate to use of construction equipment. And, in regard to hydrology, potential unavoidable impacts relate to increased extraction of underground water, as well as the addition of concrete and pavement that keep water from seeping back into the ground.

As for cultural resources, the university's initial analysis declares that "no historic resources exist on or near" the construction site, and that no archaeologicial resources were found during an on-site survey. Nevertheless, the university would be on the lookout for archaeological resources that may be found during construction.

The draft tired initial study is available for review on campus at the Office of Resource Management and Planning, 376 Mrak Hall, and in the reserves at Shields Library and the Carlson Health Sciences Library, and off campus at the Yolo County Library,

315 E. 14th St., Davis, and the Vacaville Library, 1020 Ulatis Drive. The report also is available online, (click on "Current Projects" and then look under "V" for Veterinary Medicine 3B).

Comments are due by 5 p.m. April 23. They should be directed to John Meyer, vice chancellor of Resource Management and Planning, UC Davis, One Shields Ave., 376 Mrak Hall, Davis 95616, or e-mailed to

The campus expects the draft environmental impact report to be available for public review in May.

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