Fees Council Adds 2 More Undergrads

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  • COSAF provides comprehensive oversight of various student fees
  • Council co-chairs tout the importance of increased student representation
  • Membership changes meet intent of audit recommendation, Chancellor May says

The Council on Student Affairs and Fees, or COSAF, voted May 18 to increase the number of undergraduate student voting members by two, bringing the total to 12.

Voting membership also includes four graduate/professional students, one faculty member and two staff members. Voting members include representatives from the university’s three student government bodies: Associated Students of UC Davis, Law Student Association and Graduate Student Association.

COSAF also voted to increase the number of ex-officio, nonvoting members by one, bringing the total to 11. Ex-officio members include knowledgeable personnel from across campus — primarily from Student Affairs but also from other offices that receive and/or ensure appropriate use of student fees.

Jessica Sandoval and Aaron Zheng, COSAF co-chairs, stated: “It is important to increase student representation and input into the use of student fees. We appreciate that administrators listened to our feedback about membership changes, and we look forward to receiving more support from administrators as we continue to improve our oversight of student fees."

Chancellor Gary S. May said, “These membership changes reflect consultation between COSAF and campus staff and meet the intent of the recommendation from internal audit while honoring student feedback.


“I appreciate the valuable advice provided by COSAF,” the chancellor added. “Members dedicate a great deal of time learning about our campus’s assorted student fees and thoughtfully provide recommendations on inflationary adjustments and use of the fees.”

COSAF provides comprehensive oversight of various student fees, including Student Services Fee, SASI: Student Activities and Services Initiative Fee, FACE: Facilities and Campus Enhancements Fee and CEI: Campus Expansion Initiative.

The council provides recommendations to the chancellor through the vice chancellor for Student Affairs and, beginning in 2018-19, also through the vice chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration.

COSAF members in 2017-18 were engaged in implementing several recommendations from the 2017 Student Fee Review conducted by Audit and Management Advisory Services: expanding voting membership of COSAF, improving documentation of council actions and including student fees in the campus budget process. COSAF’s input will continue to be sought as the remaining recommendations are implemented related to Student Services Fee reporting and student fee carryforward guidelines.COSAF is one of 11 administrative advisory committees that provide an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to participate in the governance of UC Davis. The committees serve in an advisory capacity on such topics as the arts, athletics, child care, student services, research, transportation and parking services, and safety.

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