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THE DOWNLOAD: Waterway Carp, Multilingual Pledge

By Cody Kitaura/Dateline on August 4, 2020 in University

Would removing the non-native carp from the Arboretum Waterway improve its clarity? That’s the question the Carp-Dependent Urgent Management, or Carp-DEUM, Project set out to answer this spring before the coronavirus halted many research projects.

In the first part of the survey, conducted in early March, the team used nets to sample fish from the middle sections of the waterway. They found relatively few carp but a lot of fathead minnow, black bullhead, green sunfish, mosquitofish and a single goldfish. They also found numbers of turtles, crawfish and a cash register. (But no bicycles.)

Carp may be more abundant in the lower reaches of the waterway, which are easier to navigate for them, the authors write.

—Andy Fell

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Med students pledge in many languages

Members of the School of Medicine’s class of 2024, the school’s most diverse ever, recited their Medical Student Pledge of Ethics in 17 languages, the school reported on Twitter. Hear some of those languages in the above video.


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