THE DOWNLOAD: TERC Tour, More Vaccine Outreach

Tahoe Science Center Virtual Tour - Discovering Clarity on the Research Vessel

What are UC Davis researchers up to at Lake Tahoe? What kind of special tools do they use to do their jobs?

You may not be able to visit the Tahoe Science Center in Incline Village because of the pandemic, but you can go on a video tour to learn more about the work of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center. Watch the video above to see how the research vessel measures clarity in the lake, and visit the center’s YouTube playlist to watch more virtual tour videos.

Celebrating puppy day

Read more about Charlie and Rono.

Vaccines for Sacramento’s homeless population

UC Davis Health’s vaccine outreach expands beyond the homes and community organizations in its immediate neighborhood. Dateline previously shared the story of a temporary COVID-19 vaccine clinic in an Oak Park church, and those donated vaccines are also being shared with Sacramento’s homeless population. Watch the above video to learn more about how that outreach program works.

Praise for UC Davis’ testing operations

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