THE DOWNLOAD: Sun Power & Stars, Small Screen & Big Screen

Members of UC Davis’ Solar Decathlon Team, the Blue Mustangs, are bringing their “Our H2Ouse” (pronounced “Our House”) design to Denver this week for the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2017 Solar Decathlon competition. Beginning Sept. 23, the team will compete alongside 12 schools.

Inspired by the drought, Our H2Ouse is designed to reduce water consumption, with features that focus on human behavioral issues that influence water use, as well as water-saving features like a graywater system, rainwater capture and other elements. Learn more about the house.

UC Davis featured in Netflix movie

UC Davis is making its way into living rooms across the country, with a prominent place in the new Netflix movie #REALITYHIGH. Nesta Cooper stars as a high school student who dreams of attending UC Davis to study veterinary medicine — but she'll have to choose between that ambition and a world of partying.

See some of the UC Davis swag adorning her bedroom in this tweet.

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