THE DOWNLOAD: See What Students Are Up to on TikTok

My Shot: A COVID Vaccine Adaptation

A group of local doctors — physicians who live in Davis but work in the Bay Area — collaborated to film a pro-vaccination video set to a tune that will sound familiar to fans of the musical Hamilton.

The video, “My Shot,” was filmed partly in front of Meyer Hall. The Davis Enterprise has the full story of how it came to be.

TikTok ‘for students, by students’

UC Davis is going where the students are — and right now, that's the social media video app TikTok. The university launched an official account last week, but it won't be a place for announcements or institutional news.

“This channel will be for students, by students (with minimal staff supervision),” said Sallie Poggi, director of social media in the Office of Strategic Communications. “Our students will be curating and reposting user-generated content about UC Davis, UC Davis life, and #UCDavisThings (an existing hashtag that has some good content).”

She said the account’s goal is to “share the student perspective of living, playing and studying at UC Davis.” The account’s first video, below, made a point of mentioning the student-led approach:


Oh moo...oh moo...oh moo moo moo moo moooooo. #UCDavis #UCDavisThings #JustUCDavisThings #cows #fyp

♬ Oh No, Oh No, Oh No No No Song - Tiktok Remix - Tik tok

Sketching remotely

Staff member Pete Scully is continuing to sketch campus life and scenery, even when they exist only on Zoom.

Reddit Ask Me Anything today (March 16)

Sociologist Robert Faris’ most recent research on teen bullying received more than 70,000 “upvotes” on Reddit, and the faculty member is heading to that website today to dig deeper into his research. He’ll be answering questions from users in an “Ask Me Anything” format from noon until 3 p.m., and the responses will remain visible after that. See the exchange on Reddit.

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