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THE DOWNLOAD: Our Last Memories of Fall

By Dave Jones on December 18, 2018 in University

We’re sharing some of our favorite memories from the last week of fall quarter: the inaugural Aggie Moonlight Breakfast, the commencement speaker’s day (as captured in her own Instagram story) and another graduate’s amazing walk to receive his diploma.

LeShelle May in tall, white chef's hat, and Gary May in baseball cap, serving breakfast.
LeShelle and Chancellor May serve breakfast and smiles. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

As finals week nourishment, Chancellor Gary S. May, the ASUCD Coffee House and Student Life hosted the Moonlight Breakfast in the CoHo last Tuesday (Dec. 11). Chancellor May and LeShelle May and other campus leaders served pancakes (with gluten-free as an option), breakfast burritos (egg-and-bacon, vegan-vegetarian and gluten-free options), fruit cups, juice and coffee to some 1,800 students. They formed two lines, one that snaked all the way back to the Campus Store in the Memorial Union’s East Wing.

The Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh! managed to squeeze in for a couple of songs, waking up anyone who might have been napping in the MU!

Students posed for (and then posted) pictures with the Mays — with one student commenting, “Thank you for the healthy food,” and another giving a “5-star Yelp rating.”

@LisaZagone said on Twitter: “Another great thing happening at UCDavis!!! #proudUCDparent

Fall commencement

Just over 800 students participated in Saturday’s commencement (Dec. 15). Among them: Annie Chao, who put her communication degree to work during an Instagram “takeover” that day — granted permission to post to the @UCDavis page about her preparing for and anticipating her important job at commencement, as the student speaker.

We’ve uploaded her Instagram takeover to YouTube, here.

Michael’s big walk

Michael O'Hearn in cap and gown, using walker.
Image captured from video shows Michael O’Hearn walking across the stage at commencement, Dec. 15.

Last week’s Dateline included a news release, “UC Davis Student to Hit High Note With Walk at Graduation,” about Michael O’Hearn, among a just over 800 students who would be participating in fall commencement, Saturday (Dec. 15).

“The 62-year-old music major will play the trumpet with the commencement band one more time,” the news release stated. “And then he’ll leave his wheelchair behind as he celebrates the education that helped him achieve a long-abandoned dream to become a professional musician.”

The UC Davis social media team posted video of O’Hearn’s walk, describing it as “an amazing moment in Aggie history,” and saying to O’Hearn: “We’re so proud of you! Congratulations!” See the post with video here, on Facebook.


Indeed. See you in the New Year!

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