THE DOWNLOAD: Mailboxes Dance Around the U.S.

This week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden will have all the pomp and circumstance a pandemic will allow, but it’s also giving a UC Davis faculty member and his troupe of dancing mailboxes an excuse to celebrate democracy in several cities.

Wednesday — Inauguration Day, Jan. 20 — performers dressed as mailboxes will be dancing and singing, flash-mob style, in Berkeley; New York City; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Austin, Texas.

Delivering Democracy is a project of Larry Bogad, chair of the UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance, who had the idea during presidential election season when voting by mail became a subject of controversy.

“This was democracy in action. I thought, what if the mailboxes just started dancing — celebrating the hardworking civil servants of the post office … and really, just celebrating working people everywhere who make democracy possible,” Bogad said about his project, which is nonpartisan and advocates only voting and democracy, not one candidate over another. It was meant to be uplifting, but have a message, too, he said.

Read more in this UC Davis news release.

— Karen Nikos-Rose

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