THE DOWNLOAD: Clinics, Car, Closure

UC Davis medical students aren't just learning in the classroom: They serve the local community alongside physicians as volunteers at several clinics.

Learn more about the efforts these clinics make to serve underserved populations and train students in the above video.

Just another day for the chancellor

If your car stalls in the right place on campus, you might get a helping hand from Chancellor Gary S. May. That’s what one woman found on June 27, when May and others helped her outside Mrak Hall.

The car appeared to stall halfway into a parking spot, and when the driver chose to move it out toward a curb, May jumped in to help.

“The chancellor helped push the car without delay," said Russ Caton, a plumbing and mechanical inspector who snapped a photo before lending a hand. “When we were done pushing the car we all exchanged smiles, waves and walked away.”

Remembering The Graduate

A camera crew films a commercial at The Graduate in Davis.
The Graduate was the scene for a 1993 Bud Light commercial. Frequent patrons of the bar shared memories as it closed last month. (Courtesy Alison Portello/The Davis Enterprise)

The final gradburger has been served, but alumni are still sharing memories of The Graduate, the bar and restaurant across the street from campus that closed June 30 after nearly five decades in business.

“Nooooooooooooo!” Steph Baker wrote on LinkedIn. “I lived behind on Sycamore Lane apartments summer of 1986. Janet Jackson was on the radio and under-21 dance nights at The Grad were my go-to. Joy!!!”

“My husband and I met at the Grad dancing bachata,” Shelby Jones said on Facebook. “Sad to hear it will be gone, hopefully something like it can take its place — a place to dance and share time and culture with others and meet new people.”

“My husband grew up in Davis and is also a UC Davis alum," Shellee Martin tweeted. “He loved their pastrami sandwich and ate at least one (sometimes many more) per year for about 35 years.”

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