THE DOWNLOAD: Periodic Table at 150, Thanksgiving Energy Savings

Carbon - Periodic Table 150th Anniversary – UC Davis College of Letters and Science

This year marks the periodic table of elements’ 150th anniversary, and to celebrate, the College of Letters and Science asked some campus experts about their favorite elements. Each one shared the ways in which each element is unique, starting with good old No. 6: carbon.

Listen to Bryan Enderle, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, explain the places we see carbon every day in the above video.

Thanksgiving energy savings: $20K last year

When fewer people are on campus because of a holiday, the Energy Conservation Office in Facilities Management turns off some of the heating and air conditioning units on campus. Over the 2018 Thanksgiving break, doing so saved almost $21,000 in energy costs:

  • Electricity — $5,797 saved
  • Steam (heating) — $13,775 saved
  • Chilled water (cooling) — $1,124 saved

To learn more about how the program works, watch the above video or visit the holiday shutdown savings website.

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