THE DOWNLOAD: Famous Flies, Library ‘Juice Bars’

A UC Davis researcher is trying to find a way to keep tsetse flies, which can spread dangerous diseases, from reproducing. The above video, filmed in medical entomologist-geneticist Geoffrey Attardos lab in Tupper Hall, has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. Read more about Attardo’s research on the Bug Squad blog.

‘Juice’ your devices at new library stations

Phones charging on a table.
Visitors to Shields Library can charge devices at four new “Juice Bars.”

Dead laptop battery? Need to charge your phone before heading to class?

Every time the UC Davis Library asks students, “What can we do to improve your library experience?” — the No. 1 answer is “add more outlets!”

Fou new “Juice Bars” on the first floor of Shields are meeting that need. Visit the library’s website to find out where they are located.

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