THE DOWNLOAD: Home Builders, Global Coffee, NCAA Track and Field

Women Build: UC Davis Health Employees Build Homes for Neighbors

A dozen UC Davis Health employees including physicians, nurses and administrators swapped scrubs and slacks for jeans and hard hats last Friday, May 24. The group volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity construction site on 43rd Avenue in south Sacramento as part of the Women Build campaign. This annual event relies on more than 400 regional volunteers whose employers sponsor a build day.

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Coffee course encourages global thinking

Morning coffee is a part of many daily routines — but with coffee shops on every corner in metropolitan areas, we tend to take coffee for granted. However, UC Davis students enrolled in the online “Just Coffee” course are getting a new, globally conscious perspective on the caffeinated beverage.

The course was the inspiration of Patrick Brown, professor of plant sciences, who imagined the course as an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of the global food system through coffee. “Just Coffee” exposes students to diverse topics from botany to climate change, ecology to economics that are often well beyond their own major and comfort zone, with the goal of building the skills needed to integrate knowledge and communicate effectively in an increasingly global and interconnected world.

This highly interdisciplinary course is a great example of global education in action, according to Joanna Regulska, vice provost and associate chancellor of Global Affairs and the Global Education for All Big Idea champion.

Read more on the UC Davis Big Ideas website.

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