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Currall to move to chancellor's adviser role

By Dave Jones on June 19, 2014 in University News


Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi announced today (June 19) the appointment of Steve Currall, dean of the Graduate School of Management, as an adviser on UC Davis’ possible opening of a third campus, and as a catalyst between UC Davis and the Northern California business community.

Katehi is exploring the idea of having a campus closer to the state capital in Sacramento as a way to enhance UC Davis’ contributions to and impact on public policy in areas such as food, health and the environment.

“Effective Oct. 1, Steve will serve in the role of chancellor’s adviser and will act as a liaison with campus stakeholders and various external communities during the planning discussions about a possible third UC Davis campus,” the chancellor wrote in a letter to the campus community.

As such, Currall will step down as dean, and the chancellor and Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter will appoint an interim dean as the Oct. 1 transition date draws closer.

Currall assumed the deanship in July 2009, coming to UC Davis from London, where he was a vice dean and faculty member with joint positions at University College London and the London Business School.

Looking back on Currall’s five years as GSM dean, Katehi wrote: “The school has grown in both size and stature and I am deeply appreciative of Steve’s work and leadership to enhance the reputation and accomplishments of the school.”

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