Applications Open for Staff Emergency Fund

$3,000 From Staff Assembly Pushes Fund to Initial Goal

With a $3,000 donation from Staff Assembly last week, the Staff Emergency Fund met its initial goal of $30,000. Fundraising continues, but, with the first $30,000 on hand, the fund today (Dec. 8) began accepting applications for grants of up to $1,000.

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Molly Bechtel, Staff Assembly chair, explained the donation: “We have been searching for productive and meaningful ways to use Thank Goodness for Staff funds to recognize, appreciate and support staff in lieu of our annual TGFS picnic, which is not at all likely to occur as early as May. The executive committee agreed we wanted to help the Staff Emergency Fund meet its $30K milestone.

“We are thrilled the fund is now in motion, and staff experiencing hardship will have access to this opportunity,” she added, noting that Staff Assembly is dedicated to the welfare, interests and diversity of staff.

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Christine Lovely, associate vice chancellor and chief human resources officer, said: “Thanks to Staff Assembly’s recent contribution, we will be able to see these funds play a small part in helping our valued UC Davis employees in need. While I appreciate every donation, I am especially grateful for the contribution that pushed us to our initial goal.

“We are still accepting donations, as the more we raise, the more UC Davis staff we can help!”

In establishing the fund last summer, Lovely said, the campus aimed to help staff members who might be experiencing temporary financial hardships due to COVID-19, wildfires or other unexpected life events, and create a forum and opportunity for other employees to pitch in to help their colleagues.

All staff, anywhere at UC Davis, can apply for grants to help with, say, housing, utilities, food or transportation. Assistance can also be provided when employees with limited resources are faced with medical expenses or expenses related to the death of an immediate family member or a change in family situation.

The Staff Emergency Fund webpage includes buttons for “How to Apply” and “Make a Donation.” The webpage also general guidelines and criteria for grant-making decisions.

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