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All Aboard! 1-Stop Shop for Onboarding

By Dateline Staff on March 22, 2016 in University

Life just got a whole lot simpler for new employees who go through the Shared Services Center for onboarding.

For starters, the center has opened an onboarding office on campus. Previously, many new employees navigated a labyrinth that started with paperwork at the Shared Services Center, off campus, then wound through Transportation Services for parking permits and Dutton Hall for employee identification cards.

Now, the Shared Services Center, Transportation Services and the University Registrar are collaborating so employees can do all of this in one location. “The main purpose of the New Employee Onboarding Center is to create a one-stop location where one can complete new-hire paperwork processing and obtain necessary services they need before beginning employment,” said John Mueller, human resources operations manager for the Shared Services Center.

The New Employee Onboarding Center is on the second floor of the Transportation and Parking Services Building next to the Pavilion Parking Structure off Hutchison Drive. You can park there while you go next door to:

  • Complete new-hire paperwork
  • Schedule a benefits orientation and learn about workers compensation
  • Review university policies and receive safety and emergency information
  • Learn how to access their university email
  • Get an employee ID
  • Buy a parking permit (if desired)
  • Receive information about New Employee Welcome (NEW) orientation
  • Buy a Staff Assembly pin (if desired)

The Shared Services Center on-boards approximately 40 employees a month, serving about one-third of the campus’s new employees in eight divisions:

  • Office of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer-Finance, Operations and Administration
  • Development and Alumni Relations
  • Information and Educational Technology
  • Office of the Chancellor
  • Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Office of Research
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • University Library

The New Employee Onboarding Center not only streamlines the process, but ensures new employees are given the opportunity to use all campus services. Consider the employee ID (called the AggieCard): It gives you borrowing privileges at the university’s libraries, it can “hold” Aggie Cash and it can be programmed as a keycard, for entry to your department’s restricted buildings and offices.

“I’m excited to see us offer this type of service to our new employees at UC Davis,” said Sara Reed, director of the Shared Services Center. “We want them to feel welcomed to our campus community, and our ‘one-stop shop’ can help make their first day or week that much easier. We look forward to continuing to grow and refine this service in support of our campus community.”

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