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3 Officers to Receive UC Life Saving Medals

By Andy Fell on March 26, 2018 in University

UC Life Saving Medals will be presented to three UC Davis police officers for the aid they gave to a person in distress, keeping them from harming themselves. 

Sgt. Max Thomas and officers Jena Du and Manuel Guerrero searched for and found the person in the early morning hours of Feb. 19. “I’m very proud of these officers,” Police Chief Joe Farrow said. “They are very humble about it, but they saved this person’s life, and that’s why I recommended them for this award.”

The awards will come from the UC Police Chiefs Association.

Police began their search after the person in distress called a hotline, which then notified police. Du made the first contact with the person, and she, Guerrero and Thomas engaged the person in conversation until making the rescue.

Interim Capt. Jennifer Garcia said campus police officers receive training on how to work effectively with distressed or mentally disturbed people. All officers attend a 40-hour course in crisis intervention training, in addition to training built into police training on communications and use of force.

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