10 faculty members named Chancellor's Fellows

Ten UC Davis faculty members have been chosen as Chancellor’s Fellows, the first recipients of a new honor jointly supported by the Chancellor’s Club and the Annual Fund of UC Davis.

"This honor was designed to recognize the best of our young faculty members," said Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef. "It is certainly a recognition of what they have accomplished so far in their careers, but, more importantly, it also speaks to their great potential in their fields, and to what they can contribute to the university in the coming years."

The 10 Chancellor Fellows for 2000-01 are:

• Annabeth Rosen, assistant professor of art

• Alexander Mogilner, assistant professor of mathematics

• Michael Sanderson, associate professor of evolution and ecology

• Scott Rozelle, associate professor of agricultural and resource economics

• Kimberly Elsbach, assistant professor of management

• Deborah Harkness, associate professor of history

• Andrew Yonelinas, associate professor of psychology

• Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, associate professor of microbiology

• Debbie Niemeier, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering

• Andrew Waterhouse, associate professor of viticulture and enology

The Chancellor’s Fellows Program was created to honor the achievements of outstanding faculty members early in their careers. The 10 faculty members will each receive a one-time award of $25,000, and will be able to use the title "Chancellor’s Fellow" for a period of five consecutive years from the date of the award.

Academic Senate members from all schools and colleges were eligible for the honor. The nominees, who were evaluated by a faculty committee appointed by the provost, must have achieved tenure and have been on the Davis campus for a year prior to last June’s deadline for nominations. Nominees also must have been within three years of achieving tenure.

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