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A minor in Mathematics trains students in the mental habit of logical thinking and the tactics of problem solving.

The goal of the minor is to foster students'  ability to identify, formulate, abstract, and solve mathematical problems that use tools from a variety of mathematical areas, including algebra, analysis, probability, differential equations, optimization, discrete mathematics. Students who minor in mathematics should also develop an understanding of how those mathematical areas relate to problems from other areas of science, engineering and management.

Students who earn a Mathematics minor have excellent employment prospects due to the quantitative needs of modern society. The Mathematics minor prepares students who are planning careers in industry, education or government. In addition, strong analytical or computational skills prepare students to go on to graduate school or to participate in creative and innovative efforts in science, arts, humanities, engineering, and business.


20 units

Choose at least 20 units of upper division MAT courses excluding: MAT 192, 197TC, 198, and 199.

  • Courses used to satisfy the requirements of a minor, including those completed elsewhere, must be approved by an adviser in the sponsoring department or program.
  • You are also expected to complete all courses that are prerequisite to the upper division courses required for the minor.
  • Minors offered by the College of Letters and Science do not require that a portion of the units be completed at UC Davis.

Total = 20 units

Minor Advisor

For a current list of faculty and staff advisor, please contact the Student Services office at, or see