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Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Toxicology explores the effects of toxicants (both human made and naturally occurring) on the normal biochemical, cellular and physiological functioning of biological systems. The minor will complement your course of study by enhancing your appreciation of the complexity and resiliency of biological systems when challenged by chemical agents and the fate and impact of chemicals in the environment. The science underlying a variety of current environmental issues is presented.


18-26 units

Complete the following three courses (12 units)

  • ETX 101 Principles of Environmental Toxicology (4 units)
  • ETX 102A Environmental Fate of Toxicants (4 units)
  • ETX 103A Biological Effects of Toxicants (4 units)

Choose two (6-14 units)

  • ETX 104 Environmental and Nutritional Factors in Cellular Regulation and Nutritional Toxicants (4 units)
  • ETX 120 Perspectives in Aquatic Toxicology (4 units)
  • ETX 127 Environmental Stress and Development in Marine Organisms (10 units)
  • ETX 128 Food Toxicology (3 units)
  • ETX 130 The Role and Applications of Toxicology in Modern Industry (3 units)
  • ETX 131 Environmental Toxicology of Air Pollutants (3 units)
  • ETX 135 Health Risk Assessment of Toxicants (3 units)
  • ETX 138 Legal Aspects of Environmental Toxicology (3 units)
  • ETX 146 Exposure and Dose Assessment (3 units)

Total = 18-26 units

Minor Advisor

Qi Zhang
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