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Environmental Horticulture

The Environmental Horticulture minor focuses the student on the identification, taxonomy, propagation, production and maintenance of ornamental plants in commercial production or urban landscapes. The goal of the minor is to broaden students understanding of the science behind the identification, propagation and maintenance of plants for human use, whether in a landscape or production setting.

Developing sustainable urban ecosystems requires individuals well trained in either the production, use of, or, maintenance of plants in human dominated landscape settings. This includes the production and use of plants for urban greening and green infrastructure.

The minor is designed to accommodate those with an interest and background in designing urban landscapes of maximizing ecosystem services through the use of green infrastructure, producing plants for use in human dominated systems, as well as growing plants in intensive agriculture and/or urban agriculture.


PLS 002 Botany and Physiology of Cultivated Plants (4 units) is a prerequisite to some courses in the minor. 

23-25 units

Complete the following three courses (12 units)

  • ENH 006 Introduction to Environmental Plants (4 units)
  • ENH 105 Taxonomy and Ecology of Environmental Plant Families (4 units)
  • PLS 171 Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation (4 units)

Choose three courses (11-13 units)

  • ENH 100 Urban Forestry (4 units)
  • ENH 120 Management of Container Media (3 units)
  • ENH 125 Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Production (5 units)
  • ENH 133 Woody Plants in the Landscape: Growth, Ecology and Management (4 units)

Total = 23-25 units


Minor Advisor

A. Volder
(530) 752-8527