3 Reasons to Get to Know Your Academic Advisor

Do you want to get involved on campus and don’t know where to start? I can help!

Did you have a quarter where things didn’t go as planned? Let’s develop a success plan together.

Are you facing graduation without plans for your future? Come see me.

Hi! My name is Anya Gibson. I’m an academic advisor, and I supervise the advisors in economics, history and East Asian studies. Whether you are a first-year student, a transfer, a senior or are elsewhere in your academic journey, academic advisors like me can provide you with guidance and support to thrive. Here are three reasons you should get to know us. 

1. I will help you create a worthwhile college experience

I often encounter students unfamiliar with academic advising — they don't know what it is or why it’s useful. At a primary level, academic advisors strive to help you shape a meaningful educational experience for yourself.

Your major advisor can be a key player in helping you build a strong campus support system that you can rely on. 

A meaningful education includes classes, activities outside the classroom such as campus clubs or organizations, work, research and other personal experiences in college. My job is to help integrate all the elements of your time here so you can make the most of your education.

Specifically, I will help you define your academic goals in a series of conversations that extend over the duration of your time as an undergraduate at UC Davis.

2. I tailor my advice based on your needs and interests 

  • I will create a safe space where you can express your concerns and individual values.
  • I will consider and respond to you as a whole person.
  • I will help you create educational plans consistent with your academic, career and life goals.
  • I am knowledgeable on university requirements and campus resources to help you navigate our complex university structure.

These core advising functions serve to guide all students; though in practice, advising sessions differ for every person.

For example, if you are the first in your family to attend college, we may begin discussions around some university fundamentals to set you off on a path with knowledge so you have an easier time navigating your undergraduate education.

Or if you have specific goals such as going abroad or completing multiple majors, we will orient our conversation around these goals.

I want to make sure that we include your goals in the plans that we develop together. And if you don’t have goals, I want to talk with you about some of the possibilities that you might consider.

3. I am your college ‘amusement park fast-pass’

You can think of me as an ‘amusement park fast-pass.’ While you pick the rides, I help you through the line by making recommendations and pointing out resources, deadlines, and requirements. It’s your education, and I’m here to help you make the most of it.

Anya Gibson holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in sociology — organizational studies and a master’s degree from CSU Sacramento in education. When not in the advising center, she can be found mentoring students in the Guardian Scholars Program.

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