UC Davis Health Asks: How Are You Feeling?

UC Davis Health researchers want to know how you are feeling. They have developed a study so that you can tell them.

They’re doing this so that they can better understand COVID-19 symptoms, and how those symptoms are related to self-reported health conditions and COVID-19 test results. They need participants whether you have had COVID-19 or not.

They are looking for volunteers ages 13 and up to answer survey questions about their health through the Symptom Discovery mobile app. The first time someone downloads the app, they will be asked to answer demographic information and general questions about their health. After that, they will answer daily survey questions about any symptoms they are feeling and whether or not they might be related to COVID-19. This should take anywhere from two to 10 minutes.

Finally, volunteers will be asked to enter any COVID-19 test results. They’re asking volunteers to complete the survey for at least seven days and up to two months. You can receive up to $60 for participating. More information, including how to participate, is available online.

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