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Coronavirus: Instruction and Research


UC Davis is focused on protecting the health and safety of students and the teaching community and upholding the quality of education so students can continue progress on their academic goals. 

Resources and policies

Keep Teaching: Strategies and Resources for Instructional Resilience — This site provides practical resources and strategies for moving part or all of a course online to help instructors keep teaching. It provides contacts for support from Academic Technology Services and the Center for Educational Effectiveness.

Academic Senate COVID-19 instructional policies

  • March 25Loaner laptops are available to students who have a financial need and don’t have a computer of their own for spring quarter. Ten-thousand students received emails from Financial Aid informing them they were eligible — those students should respond to for more information.
  • March 14 — Undergraduate lectures and discussion sections will be offered through remote means all spring quarter, campus leaders announced today. The letter focuses on instruction, including graduate education and training, and addresses other topics too. ​Read the message.
  • March 10 — In-person final exams (the week of March 16-20) are canceled for Winter Quarter. In a message to the campus community, leaders highlight alternatives that instructors may choose. Faculty are also strongly encouraged to make use of other technologies, such as Zoom and Facetime, to provide opportunities for students to approach them with questions. The message speaks to graduate and professional instruction. Read the message in its entirety.
  • March 7 — In a letter, campus leaders say they are not mandating the cancellation of in-person class meetings for the week of March 9. However, they advise “maximum flexibility” on instruction and encourage faculty or students who either should not or do not wish to attend in-person classes to complete the work of the quarter via alternate means. Read the letter in its entirety.
  • March 5 — Message on Planning for Instructional Continuity

Graduate education and training

The UC Davis Graduate Education Guidance page offers comprehensive information and resources for incoming and continuing graduate students as well as postdoctoral scholars. 


The Office of Research strongly recommends that on-campus research activities be adjusted and reduced where possible to minimize the spread and possible impact of the coronavirus. A website on Research Continuity & Planning for COVID-19 addresses:

  • immediate action to avoid and reduce transmission
  • recommended planning and preparations for principal investigators
  • research-related operations in the event of a campus closure
  • guidance from federal sponsors
  • funding opportunities related to COVID-19

March 17 — In a letter to researchers, Vice Chancellor for Research Prasant Mohapatra strongly recommended that on-campus research activities be adjusted and reduced where possible to minimize the spread and possible impact of the coronavirus and that the campus must prepare for the possibility of a complete cessation of on-campus, non-critical research. Read the letter