Commencement Regalia


Academic dress is mandatory for graduates and the university reserves the right to refuse admission to students who do not comply with this requirement.

  • All Davis graduates wear UC Davis Blue gowns with gold piping.
  • The bachelor's gown has pointed sleeves and at UC Davis is worn without a hood.
  • The cap is worn with the long point of the shell to the rear. Undergraduates who have not yet received a degree wear the tassel forward and to the right. After the degree is awarded, the tassel is shifted to the left. Those receiving postgraduate degrees wear their tassel to the left, signifying the possession of an academic degree. Master and doctoral candidates will also wear, or be hooded with, an academic hood depicting their degree and university.
  • It is customary for those wishing to demonstrate respect for their country to remove their caps during the national anthem or when the U.S. flag is passing. 
  • Lightweight clothing is usually worn under the gown.


UC Davis' commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of academic regalia for our graduates. The navy caps and gowns are made from EarthGrad fabric which is created from 100% recycled materials. The manufacturing of one rental gown saves approximately 74 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Graduates must wear appropriate apparel in order to participate in commencement ceremonies. Academic apparel may be rented from the UC Davis Stores. Gown rental includes the cap and tassel, and is available as an a la carte rental or as part of a Grad Pack, which includes select souvenir items. Gowns and Packs must be ordered in advance online.


April 22, 2022, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

UC Davis Campus Store, Lower Level


Begins May 25, 2022 at UC Davis Campus Store


Gowns must be returned immediately following commencement. The gown collection station will be located at your ceremony site.

Gowns not returned at the ceremony must be returned to the UC Davis Campus Store by the Monday following the ceremony. A late fee will be assessed for returns after that.