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By Karen Nikos-Rose on July 9, 2019

Along the highway

Those planning to visit the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art this summer after it opens for an exhibition Sunday, and beyond, will no longer have to go looking for the Mondavi sign at the Old Davis Road exit. The museum has its own freeway signs.

In the last few weeks, signs along Interstate 80 and State Highway 113 has shown drivers a sign telling them that it is not just a sign for the Mondavi Center, but for the Manetti Shrem Museum too.

freeway sign on google
Here's the freeway sign still showing up on Google maps, but the nearby freeways now have signs promoting the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, which was completed in 2016.


Di Rosa Center to sell much of its collection


The San Francisco Chronicle reported this week that di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, in Napa, which holds many works of UC Davis faculty emeriti and graduates in its permanent collection, will sell much of its collection to help out the bottom line. The center’s founders have UC Davis ties.