Which UC is Right for Me?

Stressed out about which UC is right for you? Choosing a university can be difficult as there are many factors to consider when deciding which school is right for you. With 9 unique campuses to choose from, you are sure to find your community at the University of California! Luckily, each UC school offers an exceptional education in its own way. Here are four things you should consider when picking a UC school.

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UC Locations

The UC schools are scattered across the state in different regions. Each location has its benefits. If you are interested in Political Science, Davis has proximity to the capital in Sacramento. Taking into accountability to find internships or part-time jobs off-campus may be something you want to look for before deciding. You may prefer living in a big city near the coast such as UCLA or UCSD, or a small town such as UC Davis. Some students prefer to be closer to home while others might want to pick a school further away. It is a good thing to keep in mind which schools have transportation access you need such as airports and train stations. 

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What's the Vibe Like at Each UC?

Each UC school has a diverse student culture; however, you may find yourself more comfortable at one school over another. You may prefer the rigorously academic but cool vibe of UCLA or the open-minded chill vibes at UC Santa Cruz. UC Davis has a studious but not competitive vibe with the majority being helpful and friendly. Look into majors and clubs you are interested in at the school to learn more about them! One perk of the UC schools is their large campuses which means more opportunities for club involvement, student organizations, or research! Wherever your interests lie, our campuses have something to offer everyone.

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How Much Does Each UC Cost?

As we all know, college is expensive. But did you know each UC has a different cost? On top of tuition, there’s housing, food, textbooks, and more. It all adds up quickly, so keeping cost in mind is key. If you receive financial aid and/or scholarships, your rewards package will differ from campus to campus, so understanding an estimate of how much you will pay will help you plan in the long run. Look into the financial aid and scholarship websites for each school.

How Should I Choose My Major?

Although UC Davis has many popular majors, like Psychology and Biological Sciences, each UC has its own strengths. If you are particularly interested in one discipline, browse the school’s websites to make sure they offer the program best suited to your interests and career goals. Have multiple interests? Consider double majors or adding on a minor! Don’t know what you want to study yet? That’s okay, too! Many UCs (including Davis) have options for undeclared or exploratory majors so you can take advantage of exploring your interests before you commit to a major! 

Overall, these four things are just the beginning to finding yourself as a UC student. Picking a college can be an exciting and often overwhelming process so starting to think about these things early is important! Whichever campus you choose, each UC has amazing opportunities that can help you prepare for your future. Come join us!

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