Jeff Simpson ‘22


Hometown: Westlake Village, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading tours? Two years

Major: Psychology (Biology emphasis)

Why did you choose UC Davis?
UC Davis is a perfect example of a quality college experience with amazing people, and it’s full of opportunity to grow as a person and truly be yourself.

What is your favorite thing about Davis, the town?
Everyone here is so supportive of college students. I go to any shop in town and feel welcome.

Tell us about your favorite class or professor.
My favorite class was PSC 101, BioPsychology. Much like the rest of my major, I got to learn in depth about the biological responses the brain produces in response to the environment. Processes such as how we see and react to other sensory stimuli are so fascinating to me. 

How did you find your community on campus?
I found my community in part from my first-year housing, and in part from simply putting myself out there and joining clubs and organizations that seemed interesting.

Best advice you’d give to a new Aggie?
Be involved. It makes the campus seem so much smaller and the experience so much better as a whole. Joining clubs and meeting people allowed me to have an absolutely stellar experience here. The definition of you get out what you put in.