Henna Kabra ‘22


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Danville, California

How long have you been walking backwards, leading tours? Since October 2019

Major: Managerial Economics

Minor: Technology Management

Why did you choose UC Davis?
I ended up choosing UC Davis because I had heard such nice things about student happiness and the collaborative atmosphere. Both turned out to be true!

What is your favorite thing about Davis, the town?
I love downtown and the way that it's always buzzing, even on a random Tuesday night.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about UC Davis?
I wasn't expecting to be able to make such a big school feel small so quickly. Clubs and classes made it easy to find familiar faces anywhere I went.

How did you find your community on campus?
My community comes from lots of random places. My first friends were from my dorm floor and I am still close to several of them. I've got a close friend I met because we were both eating alone at the dining hall one day, and we just kept meeting up. I made close friends in a business club called EBSA that really made me feel at home. Some of my best friends were roommates with a girl I knew from high school. If you have an open mind, you can meet amazing people anywhere.

What challenges have you overcome as part of university life?
I think I struggled a lot at the beginning stressing about what I "should" be doing. If I was in my room, I felt like I should be out making friends. If I was out making friends, I felt like I should be studying in my room. It took me a while to stop treating everything like it was a tradeoff to something else, and to just relax and realize everything will settle itself in time.

Best advice you’d give to a new Aggie?
Don't give yourself a timeline. Don't feel like you have to have made friends by a certain time, don't think that everyone found "their people" right away. Things take time to click, and you have to trust that it all happens for a reason. Take a light load your first quarter, go easy on yourself as you adjust and reach out if you need help! It's a big change to go to college, but you would have to actively try to dislike a place as lovely as Davis.