Economic Impact

UC Davis Economic Impacts


UC Davis is a powerful economic engine for California, generating $8.1 billion in statewide economic activity and supporting 72,000 jobs.


The Multiplier Effect

In addition to direct spending, UC Davis generates an estimated $3.1 billion and 23,000 jobs through a ripple effect. Suppliers of goods and services, as well as employee spending, in the regional economy trigger additional purchases.


An economic analysis found in 2013-14 that for every two jobs at UC Davis, an additional job was created in other economic sectors of the Sacramento region.

Together, UC Davis’ two campuses — in Davis and Sacramento — constitute the second-largest individual employer in the Sacramento region, behind only the state of California.

UC Davis Health’s total economic impact equates to more than $3.9 billion and 25,000 jobs, almost 2 percent of the entire Davis-Sacramento regional economy.

UC Davis international students contribute more than $441 million to the California economy and support nearly 6,000 jobs, according to NAFSA, the Association of International Educators. In addition to paying for housing and tuition, international students contribute to the local economy in a number of ways, including by supporting small businesses and local agriculture, not just in the Davis area, but in other parts of California.

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