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Social and Ethnic Relations

The interdisciplinary minor in Social and Ethnic Relations explores the racial, ethnic, class and gender aspects of human relations in the modern world. Students study human societies and cultures from a multi-ethnic perspective and across established academic departmental lines. The minor is jointly sponsored by African American and African Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.

Sexuality Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Sexuality Studies offers students a unique opportunity to study the concept of sexuality—including sexual identities, desires, and practices—by examining its changing meanings and effects across different political, historical, and cultural landscapes. At UC Davis, Sexuality Studies pays particular attention to how gender, race, class, nation, empire, colonialism, and globalization shape popular understandings of sexuality, and how these understandings of sexuality in turn affect social, political, and economic relations of power.

Luso-Brazilian Studies

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese sponsors the minor in Luso-Brazilian Studies, which offers students the opportunity to engage with the Portuguese-speaking world as a global space, as well as gain in-depth knowledge of Brazilian literature, culture and society. The minor is structured to facilitate engagement with Latin American, peninsular, and transatlantic topics, while ensuring that students master the essential skills of linguistic competence, and literary and cultural knowledge.


Many UC Davis undergraduates study Latin to teach the language or to do research that requires it. They typically go on to graduate programs that require Latin for admission or success. UC Davis Classics regularly places its students in top-ranked graduate programs. UC Davis graduate students who need Latin for their research also enroll in Latin classes; we even offer a Designated Emphasis in Classics and Classical Receptions for graduate students whose research requires knowledge of Latin and other aspects of Ancient Greek and Roman civilization.

Human Rights

Beginning Fall 2019  students planning to minor in Human Rights must meet these requirements:

Human Rights Studies Minor

The Human Rights Studies Minor provides students with an opportunity to explore human rights as a critical element of our contemporary world.


Learning Ancient Greek is a multidimensional cultural experience with numerous and various benefits. What better way to fully enjoy such seminal texts from Homer to the New Testament than to read them in the original language? As a vehicle of a marvelous culture, Greek has strongly influenced other languages – English included – and the cultural heritage it disseminates is fundamental to many modern fields of study. Students of Greek improve their comprehension of English grammar and acquire excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Global and International Studies

The interdisciplinary GIS minor will enable students not only to learn about global and international issues at UC Davis, but also to gain first-hand academic experience abroad. The GIS minor is designed to give recognition for upper division course work completed while studying abroad; however, it can also be completed with approved course work taken at UC Davis.

Students will be expected to work closely with the GIS academic advisor in developing an intellectually coherent program of study. Each proposal must be approved by the Faculty Director of Study Abroad.

Film Studies

This interdisciplinary minor takes one of the most influential art forms of the twentieth century and today — film — as its object of study. The field of Film Studies addresses the history, theory, and culture of this art form and asks questions about film texts themselves: modes of production, (including everything from filmmakers’ aesthetic choices to the role of the global economy); historical, national, and cultural contexts; and spectators and audiences.