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Storytelling About Animals, People and the Environment

Justin Cox with hawk on glove
Justin holds Grasshopper, a Swainson’s hawk, on a glove at the California Raptor Center. Grasshopper is trained as an education bird because he would not survive in the wild due to cataracts. (Trina Wood/UC Davis photo)

I didn’t discover my love for writing until I spent a year abroad in Spain during college in the early 2000s. My roommates didn’t speak English, and all my classes were taught in Spanish, so this time marked a solid break from my native language. 

Blogging was in its infancy back then and not even on my radar. But I had an email list of about 45 people back home, from my best friends to my great-grandmother, and I sent them an update once a month summarizing my escapades.

That process made me realize how much I loved the English language and how much I savored that monthly opportunity to string together my experiences into sentences.

I changed my major to communications the moment I returned to California and later enrolled in journalism school at Northwestern University.  Ever since, I have been telling stories, not only in writing, but also through video, audio, graphics, photography and whatever online medium serves the story best. I hope to deploy all of those tools on this blog.

Currently I’m content marketing manager at the UC Davis One Health Institute and the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center, and I’m excited to be a contributor to the UC Davis One Health blog. I’ll write about everything from wildlife affected by oil spills to diseases of pandemic potential and gorilla conservation affected by land-use change. And more!

Favorite book

The Sun Also Rises

Pick a super power

Flight, for sure

Favorite wild animal

Galapagos tortoises blow my mind. They’re my favorite, although I’ve been tempted by others (black bears and octopuses) in recent years, especially while writing about them.


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