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  • Campus safety
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  • Funding opportunities
  • Executive recruitments
  • Awards: Calls for nominations
  • Symposia: Calls for proposals
  • Dateline details
  • Flu shots: Davis campus
  • COVID-19
  • WarnMe
  • Blood and marrow drives
  • Big Shift
  • Political activities
  • Road and path work
  • Transit and parking

Campus safety


  • COACHE Survey of Faculty Job Satisfaction To assess how satisfied faculty members are in their work as researchers, teachers and members of the UC Davis community. Emails have gone out, giving each respondent a unique link to the survey. Deadline: April 12.
  • Academic and Staff Satisfaction SurveyOpen until Friday, March 12. Use your Kerberos login or the access code delivered by email.

Funding opportunities

Executive recruitments

Awards: Calls for nominations

  • Chancellor’s Innovation Awards The Innovator of the Year award recognizes up to two UC Davis faculty or staff members, or teams, in any discipline; the Innovative Community Partner award recognizes a leader or organization in the UC Davis community; and the Lifetime Achievement in Innovation award recognizes an acknowledged innovator whose career accomplishments include innovations that have led to a long-term positive impact on the lives of others, and who is an inspiring influence for UC Davis innovators. Deadline: March 15.
  • Distinguished Graduate and Postdoctoral Mentorship Awards A recognition program for faculty, with nominations welcome from graduate students and postdocs, as well as other faculty members. Deadline: March 7.
  • Soaring to New Heights Diversity and Principles of Community Achievement Recognition AwardsAll employees are eligible for these individual and department/unit/team awards. New deadline: March 14.
  • Calvin E. Handy Leadership Award — Recognizing crime prevention and public safety efforts, based on community oriented engagement and activities that are collaborative, cooperative and proactive. New deadline: March 14.

Symposia: Calls for proposals

Dateline details

  • Deadline — Generally 10 a.m. Thursday the week before our Tuesday publication days.

Flu shots: Davis campus

  • Per executive order from the Office of the President (as revised Sept. 29) “Effective Nov. 1, 2020, all students, faculty and staff living, learning or working on premises at any UC location must receive a flu vaccine, unless they receive an approved medical exemption or disability or religious accommodation.” UC strongly encourages all other members of the campus community — and their families — to get the flu vaccination.
  • Updated FAQs — For employees and students.
  • Exemptions and accommodationsStart the process by talking with your supervisor.
  • Reporting your vaccination — A single flu vaccination question will return to the Daily Symptom Survey on Nov. 16. Faculty, staff and students who have not been vaccinated, or who do not have an approved exemption, may not enter UC Davis facilities beginning Nov. 16. Students can continue to report their flu vaccination as explained on the Campus Ready flu vaccination page.
  • UC Davis Health has its own flu vaccination requirement and reporting system.


  • “Return to Campus” eLearning courseAny employees who are now working on campus, or plan to work on campus before January 2021 — including academic, staff and student employees — should have completed this course by Sept. 25. All other employees, regardless of their remote work status, are required to complete the training by Dec. 15. [UC Davis Health employees at the Sacramento campus are exempt, as they have their own training materials.]
  • Daily Symptom Survey To be completed upon entering Davis campus facilities.
  • Testing Required as of Nov. 18 for all employees and students accessing UC Davis facilities in Davis or elsewhere in Yolo County.
  • COVID-19 Dashboard
  • Face coverings Required at all times, on everyone, at all UC Davis locations. Indoors, the only exceptions are when you are eating or drinking or in private spaces such as dorm rooms, single-occupancy offices, showers and the like. Outdoors, you must keep your face coverings on when 6 feet of distancing from others is not feasible.
  • Gatherings The campus does not permit any gatherings on campus and strongly discouarges gatherings off campus.
  • Campus Ready


"WarnMe" logo, words in red circle

UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages provide timely information and instructions to faculty, staff, students and others when their well-being may be directly affected by emergencies or other urgent situations. WarnMe messages and Aggie Alerts are distributed by email and text message and also posted to UC Davis’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tests are scheduled three times during each academic year.

Blood and marrow drives

  • Next blood drive — Wednesday, April 7, Activities and Recreation Center
  • Read Chancellor Gary S. May’s statement welcoming blood drives on campus, while also asserting: UC Davis strongly supports the development of evidence-based policies that would allow blood donations from all who are safely able to give, and stands strongly against all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

"Big Shift" logo with gold partial underline




The Big Shift is the campuswide heating system conversion project, whereby steam lines are being replaced with hot water lines. Heat exchangers in buildings will draw heat off the hot water, to heat the buildings, just like we do now with steam. The hot water system will use electricity (a renewable resource) to heat the water, instead of natural gas, a fossil fuel, that is used in the steam system. The hot water system will use less energy, because the water need not be heated to boiling (for steam), and will be safer to maintain. Current road and path closures are listed here, along with other project links:

Political activities

  • Prohibition on political campaign interventionThe University of California strongly supports public and civic engagement by members of the university community, in both their professional and personal capacities. At the same time, we must adhere to the restrictions outlined in this advisory from the Office of General Counsel.

Road and path work

  • Hutchison Drive and Silo bus terminal closure Through Friday, April 9. Hutchison Drive will be closed to through traffic between Kleiber Hall Drive and California Avenue (delivery vehicles OK). Detours: Kleiber Hall Drive to the north, for vehicles and bicycles; and Engineering Bikeway to the south, for bicyclists. See detours on this map. Unitrans’ A and L lines will be rerouted to the Memorial Union Terminal; the C, D, J, V and W lines will use Hutchison Drive between Bioletti Way and Dairy Road as a temporary depot. The Causeway Connection and FAST Blue Line will also stage on Hutchison Drive between Bioletti Way and Dairy Road. See temporary terminal location on this map.

Transit and parking

  • Silo Terminal closure — The terminal will be closed and Unitrans and other buses rerouted, through Friday, April 9, due to Big Shift construction. Unitrans’ A and L lines will be rerouted to the Memorial Union Terminal; the C, D, J, V and W lines will use Hutchison Drive between Bioletti Way and Dairy Road as a temporary depot. The Causeway Connection and FAST Blue Line will also stage on Hutchison Drive between Bioletti Way and Dairy Road. See temporary terminal location on this map.