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STARs Go 'Above and Beyond' Staff Appreciation and Recognition Awards

By Dateline Staff on May 10, 2016 in University

Meet UC Davis’ newest Chancellor’s STAR Award recipients: staff members who do much more than their job titles suggest. For example:

  • Officially, Donna J. Flor is the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts’ production manager, but she's also a mentor for young people and others interested in the technical work that goes into putting on shows.
  • Officially, Nicole Uhlinger is an enrollment coordinator and advisor at Study Abroad, but she's also an advocate for undocumented immigrants who wish to participate in the program.
  • Joey Almario, before his death last October, was a student affairs officer in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. But he was also a goodwill ambassador for all of UC Davis.

The university gave a total of 17 Chancellor’s STAR Awards — STAR stands for Staff Appreciation and Recognition — to 10 individuals and a team of seven. The annual awards program welcomed nominations from the Davis campus and the UC Davis Health System, of MSP/PSS student employees or staff (nonrepresented) on the Davis campus, and clerical (CX) staff (career and nonprobationary).

“We are so proud of our STAR Award winners and all of our staff who do so much in raising UC Davis to new heights,” Acting Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter said. “All of us, together, make this a great university.”

The Chancellor STAR Awards recognize staff members for going “above and beyond” in support of the university’s core values, for fostering a bold and innovative spirit, inspiring and supporting excellence and success, demonstrating respect and integrity, and building community.

Here are the 2015 winners:

Cybersecurity team

Seven staff members from around UC Davis, going above and beyond their designated roles, comprised a stellar cross-functional team that rapidly launched the online course, “UC Cybersecurity Awareness Training,” required for all faculty, staff and student employees per a directive from the UC Office of the President. The team brought an innovative and collaborative spirit to the task of meeting the diverse needs of the 33,000 people who would be assigned to take the training.

“The ad hoc team exhibited openness and responsiveness, and consulted with their respective groups and then collaborated with one another to reach their common goals: clear communications throughout the organization, implementation by the end of October, and a maximum of course completions within a short time frame (by Jan. 31, 2016), all in pursuit of a campus community that is cyber-secure. By Thanksgiving break, UC Davis had the highest completion rate in the UC system — a result of how the team endeavored to exceed expectations.

The partnership and innovative spirit of the cybersecurity team serves as a great example of how an ad hoc group from across UC Davis can achieve excellence together to serve the entire UC Davis community. Here are the team members: