Recognizing Our ‘Worklife Champions’

Cary Avery portrait, in grounds yard
Worklife Champion Cary Avery leads campus Grounds and Landscape Services. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)


UC Davis' Work and Family Month webpage includes selected quotes from people who nominated their managers/supervisors as Worklife Champions. Some of those quotes are interspersed in this article.

This year, UC Davis is proud to observe National Work and Family Month by recognizing our managers and supervisors who are Worklife Champions. 

Established by a Senate resolution in 2003 and celebrated every October, National Work and Family Month is a time when businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and work-life advocates communicate and celebrate the benefits of policies and programs that enable employees and students to be effective at work, school and home.

She recognizes that we all have personal lives and need some flexibility to deal with health issues, caring for an aging parent, and unexpected crises that happen to anyone with a home.

Worklife Champion Jennifer Radke at her desk
Worklife Champion Jennifer Radke, chief administrative officer for the BFTV Cluster. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

Over the summer, UC Davis Human Resources’ WorkLife and Wellness unit put out a call for nominations of managers/supervisors who are “Worklife Champions” — and the response was overwhelming and heartening. We received almost 250 nominations from staff who told incredible stories of support and expressed their sincere appreciation for their “World’s Best Boss.” 

See the list of recognized supervisors/managers on UC Davis’ Work and Family Month webpage.

A Worklife Champion is a manager/supervisor who provides support, shows empathy and offers day-to-day assistance and resources to help facilitate an employee’s management of their professional and personal demands. Our champions have the knowledge to advise employees about policies dealing with leaves from work, breastfeeding and flexible work arrangements, and information on campus support groups and services, and professional development.

I like how he encourages us to walk on our breaks. It’s great to get away from your desk and breathe a little fresh air.

WorkLife Champions are family-supportive, recognizing that staff are human beings who inevitably have personal responsibilities and circumstances that, with a little tweaking, can be successfully incorporated into a less-stressful, more productive work-life experience.

Because we feel seen and respected as whole people, this boosts morale and enables us to bring our full selves to our work.

Today (Oct. 17), the Davis campus honored its Worklife Champions at a breakfast reception at Putah Creek Lodge, acknowledging their efforts, celebrating their management style, and letting them know we appreciate them and honor their adherence to the UC Davis Principles of Community. A similar event is scheduled for Nov. 7 at UC Davis Health.

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