University News University News for UC Davis en CHANCELL-ING: Driving Home the Importance of Partnership <p>Most of us are familiar with the red buses that wind through the UC Davis campus and surrounding city streets; they are a defining element of Davis life. Whether they are the stylish double-deckers from London that started operating in 1968 or from the <a href="">newer fleet that runs on electricity</a>, these Unitrans buses are a core element of shuttling students and townspeople around Davis.</p> Cody Kitaura Plant Biologists Identify Promising New Fungicides <p>A promising new fungicide to fight devastating crop diseases has been identified by researchers at the University of California, Davis. The chemical, ebselen, prevented fungal infections in apples, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes and roses, and improved symptoms of pre-existing fungal infection in rice. </p> Andy Fell The UC Davis Gorman Museum of Native American Art Celebrates 20 Years of Photography <p>More than two dozen Indigenous artists from North America, Aotearoa and Australia from a diversity of backgrounds will be represented at the Gorman Museum of Native American Art’s new exhibition at the University of California, Davis. “Reflecting Lenses: Twenty Years of Photography at the Gorman Museum” opens Wednesday, March 6.</p> <p>The pieces are highlights of the Gorman photography collection alongside new works on loan from several artists. The exhibition runs through Sept. 1</p> Karen Michele Nikos Avian Influenza Virus Is Adapting to Spread to Marine Mammals Avian influenza virus H5N1 has adapted to spread between birds and marine mammals, finds a study from UC Davis and partners in Argentina. Katherine E Kerlin THE DOWNLOAD: ‘STILL’ Exhibit, 1996 Plug-In Hybrid Cody Kitaura State of the Campus: ‘A Banner Year’ <p>2023 was “a banner year” for UC Davis that included new rankings, strong research funding and more, Chancellor Gary S. May said last week during his annual State of the Campus address.</p> Cody Kitaura ORG CHART: Viticulture and Enology, CNPRC <p>Two new areas on campus have new leaders, one interim and the other permanent. Find out more in this week’s Org Chart column.</p> Cody Kitaura Nobel Laureate Charles Rice and Athlete Rolf Benirschke Return to Campus for On-Stage Conversation <p>Two notable alumni — Nobel laureate Charles Rice and former pro football player and patient advocate Rolf Benirschke — will return to the University of California, Davis, on Friday, March 15, for an on-stage conversation about scientific innovation.  </p> Andy Fell Alumni Couple to Receive 2024 UC Davis Medal, University’s Highest Honor <p>The 2024 UC Davis Medal will be awarded to philanthropists Lois and Darryl Goss, who fell in love and eloped while students and have spent their lives giving back to the university.  </p> Karen Michele Nikos LAURELS: Computing Machinery Fellow, IEEE Award, NEH Grants <p class="u-clear">This week, Dateline UC Davis has news of an association fellowship, a major award from an industry association, emeriti awards and more.</p> <p class="u-clear">Dateline UC Davis welcomes news of faculty and staff awards, for publication in Laurels. Send information to <a href=""></a></p> Cody Kitaura UC Davis Media Experts for Election 2024 <p>UC Davis has political scientists, historians, security experts and law professors who can address various issues in the elections this year. </p> Karen Michele Nikos With Flood Risk Rising, Can Community-Based Insurance Fill a Gap? UC Davis helps Isleton, California, launch the state's first community insurance program focused on flood risk, climate adaptation and sustainability in Sacramento County. Katherine E Kerlin ‘Face to Face’: Research Skills from Year 1 <p>Orli Algranatti had no prior research experience when she arrived at UC Davis. Yet even as a first-year, she leaped at the chance to work in a lab, “because you never know where new opportunities could lead you to.”</p> Jose Antonio Vadi Unitrans To Celebrate 100 Millionth Rider on 56th Anniversary <p><a href="">Unitrans</a> will be hosting an event to celebrate its 100 millionth rider and its 56th anniversary on Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Memorial Union Bus Terminal.</p> Julia Ann Easley $6.4M Grant To Expand College Corps Opportunities for UC Davis Students A $6.4M grant will expand College Corps opportunities for UC Davis students to earn and learn as they serve community organizations. Julia Ann Easley THE DOWNLOAD: Blue Light, Pantry Cody Kitaura Public Comment Open for Proposals to Address Bias, Bigotry <p>Officials are encouraging members of the UC Davis community to submit feedback on proposals for ways to spend one-time funding from the University of California Office of the President to combat bias, bigotry and discrimination, including antisemitism, Islamophobia and more.</p> Cody Kitaura A Medical School That Looks More Like California How does UC Davis School of Medicine make admissions equitable? A holistic review ensures that a diverse group of students enters the medical field. Jocelyn C Anderson Checking In With Chancellor May: Appreciating Our World-Class Faculty <p>To the UC Davis community:</p> <p>With the winter quarter racing toward midterms, our libraries, labs and coffee shops are buzzing with students digging deep into their courses. Researchers are focused in their offices and labs, methodically searching for the next breakthrough that will propel their work forward.</p> Cody Kitaura UC Davis Historian’s Research of Child Murder in Early Modern Europe Featured in Period Film <p>Kathy Stuart, associate professor of history, delights in crime and deviance — her research specialty. The University of California, Davis, academic’s enthusiasm for blood, heinous crimes and the various ways people kill each other hovers somewhere between an obsessed prosecutor and a delighted child who takes in horror movies on Saturday afternoons.  </p> Karen Michele Nikos