University News University News for UC Davis en Media Advisory: ‘UC Davis LIVE’ on Viruses, Smoke and Indoor Air Quality <p>Oct. 28, 10:30 a.m. — Proper ventilation is important for a healthy home or workspace. Circulating fresh air from outside can dilute airborne viruses and other indoor pollutants, but when the outside air is thick with smoke, we need to keep it out. What can we do to manage our indoor air and keep it clean and healthy? Join us to discuss these issues with two UC Davis experts.</p> October 25, 2021 Andy Fell VIDEO ADDED: ‘UC Davis LIVE’ on Fighting California Wildfires <p> </p> October 22, 2021 Andy Fell UC Davis Leads $3.7M Multicampus Grant to Stem Shortage of Instrumental Physicists <p>There is an alarming shortfall of particle physicists prepared to design instruments that open pathways to Nobel Prize-winning discoveries like neutrino oscillations and the Higgs boson. To help fill the gap, the U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $3.7 million to a consortium led by the University of California, Davis, to train 32 graduate students in high-energy physics instrumentation. </p> October 22, 2021 Andy Fell Fungal Outbreak in Marine Mammals Began on Land <p>In the early 2000s, a fungus infected hundreds of animals and people in British Columbia and Washington. Scientists found that the disease also killed porpoises and dolphins in the Salish Sea — perhaps affecting cetaceans even earlier than people.</p> October 21, 2021 Katherine E Kerlin Public School Closures Increasing in Cities, but Affected Neighborhoods Differ Regionally A new study from University of California, Davis, looked at the locations of closures in 260 metropolitan areas of the U.S. finding a variety of conditions cause schools to close. October 20, 2021 Karen Michele Nikos-Rose ‘The Backdrop’ Podcast Features UC Davis Economist on Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Inflation <p>From restaurants and grocery stores to construction companies and car manufacturers, the pandemic’s widespread effects on global supply chains have caused shortages, price hikes and layoffs. And with the holidays coming up, companies are warning people to shop early or risk not finding the gifts they want to buy.</p> October 20, 2021 Soterios J Johnson ‘Unfold’ Podcast, Episode 4: Female Big-Game Hunter Discovery Challenges Ancient Gender Roles <p>Nine thousand years ago, a woman was buried in the Andean mountains of Peru next to tools normally associated with big-game hunting. Before you think she was just a badass, UC Davis <a href="">researchers found</a> that many females in the early Americas were big-game hunters and we shouldn’t be so quick to project our own gender stereotypes and current cultural values on ancient societies. </p> October 19, 2021 Katherine E Kerlin Brain Activation in Sleeping Toddlers Shows Memory for Words <p>Very young children learn words at a tremendous rate. Now researchers at the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis, have for the first time seen how specific brain regions activate as two-year-olds remember newly learned words — while the children were sleeping. The work is published Oct. 19 in <a href="">Current Biology</a>. </p> October 19, 2021 Andy Fell Connect With ALEX During Open Enrollment <p class="MsoNormal">Watch for your open enrollment booklet in the mail next week and then get ready to (en)roll, from 8 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 28, through 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19</p> <p class="MsoNormal">In 2022, UC will continue to offer the same high-quality benefits as last year for faculty and staff, with a few important changes, including increases in medical plan premiums ranging from $0 to $47 per month.</p> October 19, 2021 Dave Jones Sheep to Return One ‘Mow’ Time This Season <p>Sheep have been grazing the UC Davis campus during the summer and this fall in an academic experiment to see if they can eat weeds and grass, fertilize and control pests as well as or better than using conventional landscaping methods.</p> <p>This week will be the last chance to see them for a while — and, if you're a knitter, well, this is your opportunity to see wool-in-the-making! More on that later.</p> October 19, 2021 Karen Michele Nikos-Rose Stewardship Awards for Faculty and Staff Stalwarts of stewardship, from left: Chancellor Gary S. October 19, 2021 Dave Jones THE DOWNLOAD: Mondavi in Miniature <p>Mondavi Center visitors have a new way of getting a great view of the building, and it’s in the lobby.</p> <p>A LEGO recreation of the Mondavi Center, built by Stephen Crouse from more than 37,000 pieces, was first displayed during last week’s opening night performance. The 42-inch-long model sits in a lighted display in the Yocha Dehe Grand Lobby, and will remain there, having been donated by Crouse.</p> October 19, 2021 Cody T Kitaura 2-Generation Care Program Established <p class="MsoNormal">The Early Childhood Lab School and the Transfer and Reentry Center have been awarded $1.5 million from the federal government to establish a two-generation care program of subsidized child care for eligible student parents, and wraparound support for the parents as they work to complete their degrees while raising children.</p> October 19, 2021 Dave Jones UC Davis Announces New Viticulture and Enology Executive Leadership Board Members <p>As the world’s top-ranked research institute for viticulture and enology, the University of California, Davis, is pleased to announce the newest members of its<a href=""> Executive Leadership Board</a> for the Department of Viticulture an October 19, 2021 Amy M Quinton Epidemiologist Elected to National Academy of Medicine <p><a href="">Christine Kreuder Johnson</a>, a professor with the University of California, Davis, One Health Institute in the School of Veterinary Medicine, is among the 100 newly elected members of the National Academy of Medicine as <a href="">announced today.</a></p> October 18, 2021 Katherine E Kerlin UPDATED: Executive Order Issued for Flu Shots <p class="MsoNormal">Updated Oct. 18 with directions on declaring to UC Davis that you received a flu shot or that you are declining to get a shot. Staff, faculty and students have until Friday, Nov. 19, to get a shot or affirmatively decline it. In addition, this article has been clarified to indicate UC’s executive order allows discretion on nonpharmaceutical interventions such as face coverings that UC locations may require of employees and students who decline to get flu shots. October 18, 2021 Dave Jones UC Davis to Lead Groundwater and Irrigated Agriculture Sustainability Study UC Davis researchers to lead research to find ways to sustain irrigated agriculture and improve groundwater quality and quantity under a changing climate. October 18, 2021 Amy M Quinton Genome Center Passes 1 Million COVID-19 Tests, Helping Keep Positivity Rates Low <p>UC Davis’ asymptomatic COVID-19 testing program completed its 1 millionth test this week, a little more than a year since the campus began offering tests to on-campus students, faculty and staff in mid-September 2020. </p> October 15, 2021 Andy Fell Checking In With Chancellor May: We’re Back This week’s letter includes COVID-19 updates (we’ve completed 1 million tests!) and more news of note, including our extraordinary efforts in rescuing wildlife from the oil spill off Huntington Beach. October 15, 2021 Dave Jones UC Davis to Honor Civil Rights Legacy of Cruz Reynoso, Law Professor and State Justice The UC Davis School of Law will hold a symposium to honor the civil rights legacy and racial justice work of the late Cruz Reynoso. October 14, 2021 Karen Michele Nikos-Rose