THE DOWNLOAD: Moove-in, Welcome, Kickoff

Gary May helping to move a mini-fridge.
Gary and LeShelle May got their hands dirty and helped move first-year students into the residence halls over the weekend. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

UC Davis' seventh chancellor just got done unpacking his own boxes, but that doesn't mean he and his wife can't help other newcomers move to campus.

Gary and LeShelle May, along with deans and vice chancellors, donned yellow "Moo-ve in crew" shirts and helped first-year students load suitcases, boxes and mini-fridges into their residence halls over the weekend. 

Thousands of new students welcomed to campus

Pint gets the feature treatment on ESPN

ESPN recently featured the cutest and furriest thing on the home field with the Aggies every weekend: Pint. He retrieves the kickoff tee at home games, and has become a popular attraction. Look for him this Saturday (Sept. 30) when the Aggies take on the Fighting Hawks of the University of North Dakoa, kickoff 6 p.m.

The ESPN story and video also mentioned another Aggie connection: Boise State, where UC Davis head football coach Dan Hawkins previously coached, also has a tee-retrieving dog.

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