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Food Service Management

The Food Service Management minor provides students with the foundational knowledge to be a successful food service manager. This minor prepares students to manage and operate an institutional food service facility by developing skills in purchasing, menu planning, front and back of the house operations, food sanitation and human resource management. The minor is designed for students interested in developing a greater understanding of the food industry and food service operations. Students who have educational interests in food science, human resources, food management or marketing, and culinary arts may be interested in the minor.

The average consumer spends 48 percent of their food dollar eating outside the home, which has created a nearly $800 billion dollar restaurant industry. The goal of the minor is to enable our students to develop competence in food service management and enhance their employability.


Plan in advance to include the required course prerequisites.

26 units

Complete the following courses (26 units)

  • FST 100A Food Chemistry (4 units)
  • FST 100B Food Properties (4 units)
  • FST 101A Food Chemistry Laboratory (3 units)
  • FST 101B Food Properties Laboratory (2 units)
  • FSM 120 Principles of Quantity Food Production (4 units)
  • FSM 120L Quantity Food Production Laboratory (2 units)
  • FSM 122 Food Service Systems Management (3 units)
  • ARE 112 Fundamentals of Organization Management (4 units)

Replacement courses 
Note: If the student’s major program requires the same course in biochemistry and physiology, only one of the courses may duplicate credit toward the minor. Each program below lists replacement courses to fulfill the minimum unit requirement.

  • NUT 010 Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 111AY Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism (3 units)
  • NUT 111B Recommendations and Standards for Human Nutrition (2 units)
  • NUT 114 Developmental Nutrition (4 units)
  • NUT 116A Clinical Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 116B Clinical Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 120AN Nutritional Anthropology (4 units)
  • NUT 120BN Nutritional Geography (4 units)
  • ECN 001A Principles of Microeconomics (4 units)
  • ECN 001B Principles of Macroeconomics (4 units)

Total = 26 units


Minor Advisors

Martha Amesquita
(530) 752-2512

Stephanie Myers
(530) 752-7094