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Applied Computing and Information Systems

This minor is for students interested in applying modern computer technology to management problems in agriculture, resource management and other areas. Coursework provides knowledge of the use of information technology and the methodology of applied quantitative and systems analysis.

The minor is offered by the Department of Plant Sciences.


18 units

Choose two or three courses (8-12 units)
With prior consultation with an advisor, students can petition in advance to accept other relevant courses toward the minor program. 

  • PLS 120 Applied Statistics in Agricultural Sciences (4 units)
  • ANS 128 Agricultural Applications of Linear Programming (4 units)
  • The third course may be taken in substitution for a course from either of the two elective groups below.

Choose the remaining units from one or both of the following elective groups (8-10 units)

  • Computer Applications, Computer Assisted Analysis in Data Manipulation (4 units)
    • ARE 106 Econometric Theory and Applications (4 units)
    • ARE 155 Operations Research and Management Science (4 units)
    • ABT 182 Environmental Analysis using GIS (4 units)
    • ECN 102 Analysis of Economic Data (4 units)
    • ECS 124 Theory and Practice of Bioinformatics (4 units)
    • HYD 182 Environmental Analysis using GIS (4 units)
    • IAD 170 Program Development for International Agriculture (4 units)
  • Communication and Business Organization (4 units)  
    • ARE 112 Fundamentals of Organization Management (4 units)
    • CMN 130 Group Communication (4 units)
    • CMN 136 Organizational Communication (4 units)

Total = 18 units


Minor Advisor

T. R. Famula
(530) 752-7018