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(Major & Minor)  Also available as a minor

Fiber and Polymer Science

Nylon. Rayon. Spandex. Polarfleece. All were considered the "miracle fibers" of their day, offering qualities and possibilities that had never before been seen in fabrics. Fiber and polymer scientists study the physical, chemical and structural properties of the materials used to make clothing and other fabric applications. Our fiber and polymer science majors have access to top-quality instructors and state-of-the-art textile design and testing labs: just two of the factors that make the department the most highly regarded in the western United States. Blending aspects of chemistry, physics and consumer science, the program will prepare you for an exciting career in a growing industry.

Real World Outcomes: 

Many fiber and polymer science majors move directly into careers in the fiber, polymer, textile and chemical industries, often in technical fields such as research and development or quality control. Others enter careers in science teaching or go on to graduate study in textiles, agricultural and environmental chemistry or fiber and polymer science.


You will begin your study with extensive preparation in chemistry, physics and mathematics, as well as introductory courses in textile characteristics and the textile and apparel industries. At the upper division level, you will study principles of polymer and plastic materials, advanced chemistry, and electives in such areas as computer science, marketing/management and advanced material science.