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An Introduction to the Working Group

Earlier this year, Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter created a work group of campus representatives — students, faculty and staff — and key campus constituents to develop recommended practices and policies to ensure invited speakers can deliver their messages unimpeded. The Working Group on Ensuring Freedom of Expression at UC Davis has met and will have a series of public meetings.
The charge of the working group is to advise the administration on  
  1. 1. How to establish across our campus a sufficient understanding of, (a) the arguments for the freedom of expression at the university; and (b) what the First Amendment requires from the administration and members of the campus community in various scenarios, especially campus events featuring highly controversial speakers; and
  3. 2. Best practices on ways to ensure freedom of expression, personal safety and security of campus facilities, while at the same time promoting an environment in which all members of our community feel safe, valued, respected and heard.
We solicit the input of the campus community through submission of comments, ideas and opinions through this online form, which can be submitted anonymously if you so choose. All responses will be shared with the entire Working Group on Ensuring Freedom of Expression at UC Davis. Thank you for your consideration.